Split Yr Skull: Kill Yr Idols
This isn’t goodbye, but farewell.

Okay followers, I’m out. Not forever, but for awhile. View it as a winter hiatus. I have some pressing things to work out, a life to sort out and some serious goals to achieve. Once I organize my life some and get this business venture off the ground, I’ll be back on. Maybe. Or not. Anyway, to the few of you who’ll read this, good luck in the real world. Stay high.


What friends are for

I had a friend really open me up last night. He helped me own up to some character flaws and I woke up this morning feeling really thankful for him. Not many people have been there for me in that way. I sat up in bed all morning thinking about what he said and seeing the instances in my past where I have let these issues direct my actions…I don’t know why, but I felt this deserved a mention.

It’s almost 4 am

I’m high, can’t sleep

and I’m concerned by the amount of anthropomorphic Christmas creatures patrolling my grounds.

Damn my renters’ festive holiday spirit.

I’m walking downstairs in the dark and a four foot Frosty jumps me on the landing.

Fuck Christmas Stabbers of the Night

Like in the Lion King, “It is time!”

Like in the Lion King, “It is time!”